Bridgestone accept blame for ferraris slow start

Bridgestone accept blame for ferraris slow start

This isn’t to say that Renault doesn’t have issues but there are enough issues to fix in the current car.

What the team did with the F1 driver Fernando Alonso is what everyone should do with a driver. Alonso’s first four races were miserable despite his brilliant result and after the break he had one of his best seasons yet.

It was the biggest test of his career and as an F1 driver you are bound to need an outside shot if things start to go wrong. If you don’t have one, you have to go back and find someone to do it. But as soon as it wasn’t going to happen, Alonso had his way.

In an F1 car, mistakes are inevitable but Renault were more concerned with being able to have their car faster on the road than make sure it didn’t fall flat during qualifying.

They did the latter and it was an excellent strategy as they went on to race for the title again in 2014. But the F1 team is well aware that the problems have taken their toll, the car has lost traction, the car has spun more and more, the F1’s safety record has been badly degraded.

All that does not make Renault responsible for Alonso’s bad start to 2014 however.

That’s something that’s more of a concern for McLaren who were caught by the FIA during qualifying in Bahrain and lost qualifying points for it. But the team made some big changes to their car and they did the best they could to get back into the race but it was no different than the Alonso fiasco.

If we look at the race record of 2014 for McLaren, they have won a further 11 races since April, the best of which is a fifth place in Australia and a third place in Malaysia.

Ferrari’s problem this season has been their reliability. It can be said that there’s njarvees.como denying that their car wasn’t fast enough to finish the regular season but if we think about the season prior to the problems, they were a lot better. Ferrari were바카라사이트 11 points behind in the constructors championship after a two season absence and 12 points behind when they won the constructors title.

When Fernando Alonso lost out to Nico Rosberg last weekend in Mexico with just a few laps to go in qualifying, it was a good point in the right direction for Ferrari’s fortunes. The problem at the moment is whether that momentum will carry over from here into the next rjarvees.comace and if they’re going to take that into another race